Indian Society For Technical Education


KJSCE's Techfest Abhiyantriki was celebrated two days on 5th October,2018 & 6th October,2018. It was proved to be very successful , wherein ISTE Council had two events one of which was technical called "Escape the Labyrinth" and other was a fun event called "Robo- Soccer".
Robo Soccer was one of the surprise fun events of the fest . In this event people could play in a team of two wherein they would be given 3 minutes time to score against each other , the person scoring maximum goals was the winner... Here students , teachers and even the Army people who were at the fest to present had taken part and enjoyed it to the fullest .The events were liked and appreciated by everyone. Robo Soccer was one of the most successful events of the Techfest. One of the students scored 3 goals in 50 sec and one them even scored 7 goals in the given time of 3 minutes.