Indian Society For Technical Education


KJSCE's Techfest Abhiyantriki was celebrated two days on 5th October,2018 & 6th October,2018. It was proved to be very successful , wherein ISTE Council had two events one of which was technical called "Escape the Labyrinth" and other was a fun event called "Robo- Soccer". There was a “Labyrinth” or call it a “Maze” with different entry points and one exit point. A camera was mounted on a BOT which will be running inside the maze. The participant had to control the bot by a smartphone or remote through the live stream from inside the maze. A track of time was kept for each participant. Also, there were some Riddle/Puzzle/Codes/I.Q. Questions at some intervals in the correct path of the maze. By solving them the participant got the code for each level solving. All these codes combined to form the Master Key, through which the Exit of the maze opened. The exit point had a code lock system. Here, in total 29 teams had participated out of which only 3 teams could complete it in least time .The students who were first are ,Shreyas borse and Yogesh Chikale. There was a tie between "Tejal Kadu and Niket kini" & "Saksham Bhakkad and Shreyash Baria" for the second position.