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Abhiyantriki 2017 Event - CTRL+SHIFT+ESC


Put on your thinking caps and put your logical reasoning to test for our event, CTRL+SHIFT+ESC This 4 stage event will be a test of speed and logical reasoning at the same time. This will be a 2 member team event. So, bring your trustworthy comrade along and participate in this event! The Registration Link is below: https://goo.gl/1s1myx

No of Participants :    Team of 2
Registration Fee:    Rs.50/- (for a team of 2)
Prizes Worth:    Rs.9000/-

For Paytm : fill the Google form. click here
Then In comment section during payment. Write you NAME and event name - CTRL+ SHIFT+ESC
8408910380(Paytm accepted here)

Rule book :

Rule book for the CTRL+ SHIFT+ESC event


Stage 1 : You, the prisoner, are out of the building and needs to exit the facility. The fastest option you have got is to drive. Easy…right? Well, let’s see how easy it is to do so in absolute darkness..;-)

Stage 2 : Managed to reach the exit point of the facility? Not bad! All you have to do now, is to apply logic and open the gates of the facility.

Stage 3 : Completed the stage 2? Good going! Now you have to cross the bridge by the hydraulics way!

Stage 4 : Reached the other end of the bridge? Hurray! You are far away from the facility! Now all you have to do is get out of the car….but only if it were as simple as it sounded.. Solve the gear puzzle successfully to get out of the car. You are a free bird now!

Contact Event Co-ordinator:

Nikhil : 8408910380(Paytm also accepted)
              : 7021937800