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Abhiyantriki 2016 Event - Robosprint


Indian Society for Technical Education (I.S.T.E) conducted an amazing event by the name of ‘ROBOSPRINT’ which was a technical event and included the most exciting features of all the fields of engineering offered by KJSCE. The event was held in the quadrangle of the B building of KJSCE.The event was held on the 1st of October 2016.It began at 11:30 and lasted up to 5:00 in the evening.
The event was divided into three parts. The first part consisted of physical obstacles for the bot to overcome. This part also consisted of a simple problem related to mechanics. The next part consisted of coding. Participants had to get the output for the given problem statement in a time span of 30 minutes. The last part of the event had circuit building at its core. The participants had to assemble the given circuit of line follower bot and then using the same bot had to reach the finish line. A total of 20 minutes was allotted for completion of this task. The participants completing all the three tasks in the shortest time were adjudged the winners of the event.
A total of 20 teams participated in the event. This was the highest number of participants amongst all the technical events and goes to show the interest that the event generated in-spite of it being the longest amongst all the events of Abhiyantriki 2016.The entry fee for the event was Rs. 50 for a team of 2.The winners were awarded a cash prize of Rs. 4000 and coupons worth Rs. 1500. The runners-up were awarded a cash prize of Rs. 2000 and coupons worth Rs. 1500.
The success of the event can be attributed to sheer hardwork and dedication of all the team members. The extensive publicity by the PR team, the combined efforts of the event and technical team to get the track together on time and the excellent work of the creative team in getting the posters as well as the delicate portions of the track ready on time. These factors combined to make the event hugely successful.

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