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Abhiyantriki 2011 Events
Lunar Voyegar :

Description : India‘s spacecraft Chandrayan - VI has landed on Moon. Its unmanned robot after examining the lunar surface has just discovered water on the moon but its battery is getting exhausted, sitting at the space station guide the robot back to the spacecraft asap.
Event details : Participant has to guide their wired robot to the end of the track. But they will not see the actual track. The will just see the footage from the webcam which will be mounted on the robot. By watching that footage they have to guide the robot .

Seven Steps To Pandora :

Description : Wanna reach the planet Pandora in the Andromeda galaxy, to get your new Avatar by experiencing 7 adventures.Participants would have to perform different seven One minute technical games to reach the Pandora.
Event details : Circuit mounting: participant has to analyze and mount the circuit. Paper toss: toss the paper balls in the basket in blowing wind. Quiz: a technical quiz. C++ compiling: finding the output of the program without compiling it on the pc. Shape analysis: analyze the given blocks and make a perfect shape. Cups: make the pyramid of the thermocol cups. Stick game : remove the sticks without touching any other stick.

Prison Break :

Description : Guarded cell has a high security. One last night, a last chance, in this dark, make a smart escape. Dodge high security lasers in the mist of night to escape from the jail. One mistake and you are back into your cell.
Event details : The participant has to run a wired robot carrying light detecting sensors in a dark room. The hey to reach the finish point by clearing each check point. If the detector detects the light the buzzer will go on and the participant has to again start from the previous check point.

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